Rental Info & Application

Rental Application Requirements

 All persons to reside in the rental property who are at least 18 years of age must complete an application.
• A $75 per person application fee (subject to change) must be received prior to the application process beginning.
• Applications must be fully completed in order to be processed.
• Applications will be processed as received.

Tenant Qualification Requirements

Prospective tenants must be of 20 years of age or older*, must intend to reside in the property, and must meet certain requirements:
Basic Requirements (must meet two of the following criteria):
• Gross monthly income of 3 times the amount of monthly rent**
• Credit ratings within the last five years of acceptable standards (a majority of credit ratings of “1”)
• Favorable rental reference from previous non-relative landlord (within last three years)
  • Copy of Drivers License and two recent pay stubs required 
** Each prospective tenant must qualify separately, * Combined gross income will be considered for legally married prospective tenants where both will be tenants residing in the property.

Additional Requirements:

• Payment of non-medical collections/judgments which may appear on credit reports OR increased security deposit amount.
• Criminal activities or an Unfavorable rental reference may override all other criteria resulting in denial of applications.


• The number of occupants allowed in a rental property is based upon the number of bedrooms: two persons per
bedroom. Exceptions to this rule are possible based upon such factors as square footage, type of sewer system, etc.
• The owner of rental property may restrict pets which may be kept in the property. Service/guide dogs are always allowed with no deposit.
• Owners of rental properties may require no smoking in their properties.

Rental Application

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